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I was tagged by: dftbatroyler

I answered:

  1. fav hairstyle?: All pulled…

1. Why did you join tumblr?- I was sick and bored in bed

2. How many followers do you have?- 1,500

3. What’s your favorite song?- Any song by Ed Sheeran or Troye

4.Who’s your idol?- My mom

5. Whats your OTP?- Troyler 

6. What is one thing no one knows about your internet life?- i have a story on watt pad 

7. Do listen to tyleroakley's podcast?- yes

8. Do you listen to gracehelbig's podcast?- no

9. What’s your fave color?- blue 

10. Have you bought troyesivan's Ep TRXYE?- yes

11. if you don’t have the ep or listen to the podcasts why?- don’t have enough time to listen 

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